CI Introduction

Foundation Introduction

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  • CI Introduction

    Symbol & Logo
    The symbol’s bluish green, yellowish green, yellow, and green colors symbolize Gyeongbuk Arts & Cultural Foundation’s business fields including culture and arts, cultural properties, Hanbok advancement, and manpower fostering and reflect each business’s identity.
    Alphabets of G,A,C, and F (Abbreviation of Gyeongbuk Arts & Cultural Foundation) are connected together to represent the harmony of each business field. The circle on the right top means Gyeongbuk’s culture spreading throughout the world.


    Color System
    • Symbol Color
      Color System
    • Logotype and Sub Color
      Color System
    Gyeongbuk Arts & Cultural Foundation seeks to inherit and preserve the cultural properties of wise ancestors, succeed the meaning and value of cultural properties, and recreate them with own beauty of Gyeongbuk. The re-created beauty of Gyeongbuk is the slogan with the hope of combining with wisdoms of contemporary people and developing into future values.