Ggumdarak Toyo Culture School [Close Friend]

Main Business

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  • Ggumdarak Toyo Culture School [Close Friend]

    Ggumdarak Toyo Culture School [Close Friend]
    Ggumdarak Toyo
    Culture School
    [Close Friend]

    Implementation of 5-day school week and enhancement on importance of youth creative & character education

    Composition of a sound leisure culture focusing on child, youth, and family, provision of character education, and support on weekend culture program for promoting harmony in community

    Every Saturday, culture and arts programs are provided for child and youth at various Gyeongbuk places ‘Outside the School’.
    Promotion on formation of various relationships and communication between family members while respecting individual creativity and individuality based on voluntary participation of participants.

    Business Overview
    Targets Institute and organizations capable of operating culture and arts educations at Gyeongbuk regions
    (new institute/organizations may apply, too)
    Participants Child, youth, and families with child and youth in Gyeongbuk regions
    2021 public contest type
    General public contest A planning public contest
    Cultural school Care school Environmental school
    •Program utilizing contents such as human resources in Gyeongsanbuk-do •Program that utilize contents such as human resources, catural resources, cultural resources for children in marginalized areas in Gyeongwanbuk-do where Saturday care is needed •Program utilizing forest resources, ecological resources, etc. in Gyeongsangbuk-do

    Close Friend Curriculum
    - Close Friend (Nunadeuri) : Pure Korean word that refers to an intimate relationship

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    - Effects
    • Improvement on quality of experience class and quality of life
    • Settlement of pleasant leisure culture,
    • Enjoyment of art culture
    • Opportunity for self-development,
    • Continuous interest and development on culture and arts education business