Support on Local Culture and Arts Education [Neighbor]

Main Business

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  • Support on Local Culture and Arts Education [Neighbor]

    Support on Local Culture and Arts Education [Neighbor]
    Support on Local Culture
    and Arts Education [Neighbor]

    Consideration on cultural environment and cultural resources unique to Gyeongbuk regions

    Support on local culture and arts group’s planning and operation of culture and arts education suitable for local residents

    Promotional Direction
    • Human-Oriented
      Human-oriented culture and arts education program that pursues meeting of people, finding of each other’s value, and becoming regional connection links
    • Process-Oriented
      Process-oriented culture and arts education program that forms relationship with neighbors who share common items and pursue common value
    • Living-Oriented
      Living-oriented culture and arts education that reveals the value of local residents’ life based on cultural and historical resources of Gyeongsangbuk-do
    Business Overview
    Targets Groups capable of operating culture and arts education at Gyeongsangbuk-do
    Targets Local residents at Gyeongsangbuk-do (Except children and youth)
    2021 public contest type
    General public contest A planning public contest
    Neighborhood type Life type Region type
    •It consists of programs that solve local issues, social problems, etc. considering regional characteristics through cultural arts with neighbors
    •Business details : Discover value of your neighbor
    •Organization of culture and arts programs specialized for senior citizens
    •Business details : Discover value of elders
    •It consists of a program in which local residents can make songs that represent the villagesin Gyeongsangbuk-do together
    •Business details : Discover value of a village
    Type of Contest
    • General Contest
      • Composed of programs for solving regional issue and social issues through culture and arts with neighbors
      • Targets : Groups trying to perform regional culture and arts education support business at Gyeongbuk (New groups may apply)
      • Business Details : Finding a value of neighbor
    • Planned Contest
      • Promotion of various types of network activities in cooperation with local groups for revitalizing region-centered culture and arts education
        ※ Network gathering, research meeting, forum, party, seminar, conference, on-site survey, discovery of new groups, etc.
      • Targets : Groups with over 3 years of experience in performing regional specialized business at Gyeongbuk regions
      • Business Details : Utilization of regional resources + regional network gathering