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  • Rainbow Bridge Business

    Rainbow Bridge

    Period : April 2021 ~ December 2021

    무지개다리사업 이미지
    Business Goal
    • Revitalize cultural exchange and communication between various cultural subjects
    • Act on Protection and Promotion of Cultural Diversity (Enforced on November 19, 2014)
      - Article (Day for Cultural Diversity)
      ① 1. To enhance the national understanding on the cultural diversity, the Government shall designate May 21 as Day for Cultural Diversity and shall set Week for Cultural Diversity that lasts for 1 week from Day for Cultural Diversity
    • Events for 2020 Day for Cultural Diversity and Week for Cultural Diversity
      - Day for Cultural Diversity: May 21, 2020 (Thur)
      - Week for Cultural Diversity : May 21, 2020 (Thur) ~ May 27, 2020 (Wed)
    Business Goal
    • Cultural Diversity Week “You Like Me, I Like You” Online Campaign
      - Period : 21st~27th March 2020
      - Contents: promotion and events Cultural diversity week through online channels
    • Cultural Diversity Forum ‘‘ethem gyeongbuk inssa cheongnyeon’
      ① Residents in Gyeongbuk Empathy Film Festival
      - Date/Location: 29th July 2020 / Andong Central Cinema)
      - Contents: After screening a film related to cultural diversity to Residents, share a review of their appreciation
      ② Cultural Diversity Movie Talk Show
      - Date/Location: 7th August 2020/Social Economy Hub Center (Origin R Cafe)
      - Contents : A talk show about the feelings and cultural diversity after watching the movie “Wonder”
      (Cultural diversity and the role of youth, the relationship between social enterprises and cultural diversity, cultural diversity in the movie Wonder)
    • Cultural Diversity Reading Campaign
      - Period: 13th November 2020 ~ 9th September 2020
      - Contents : An event for writing expectations and reviews for books selected by the Gyeongbuk Cultural Foundation on Facebook and Instagram
      (※ Selected 3 out of 30 books recommended by members of the Seoul National University Diversity Committee)
    • Let's be together our twenty-three years old
      - Date/Location: 28th ~ 29th November 2020 / Sachon Village in Uiseong-gun, Gyeongbuk
      - Contents : Expand about Awareness of cultural diversity by producing a sympathetic video program in which various generations (such as migrants and indigenous residents) participate
    • Gyeongbuk Regional Cultural Diversity Empathy Online Network Forum
      - Date/Location: 15th December 2020 / Gyeongbuk Arts & Culture Foundation Conference Room
      - Contents : Share issues of culture and art activities and plan cooperation projects through online meetings with cultural foundations in Gyeongbuk and 23 City&Gun Representative