Support on Activities of the Art Club

Main Business

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  • Support on Activities of the Art Club

    Support on
    Activities of the Art Club

    Targets : Art clubs in Gyeongbuk
    Support Details : Fees for Instructor and Coordinator

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    Business outline
    • Title : Support project for activities of art club activities
    • Host : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Refional Culture & Development Agency, GYEONGSANGBUK-DO
    • Supervision : Gyeongbuk Artss & Culture Foundation
    • Telephone enquiry) : Cultural Business Division (054-650-2962)
    2021 Public contest propulsion schedule
    • Post the notice and Receive application : Monday 15th Feburary 2021 ~ 18:00 Friday 12th March 2021
    • Document screening[evaluation]: Thursday 18th March 2021
    • Interview screening[evaluation] : Thursday 25th March 2021
    • Announcement of a Evaluation Result : Tuesday 30th March 2021
    Progress direction
    • Support for voluntary vitalization of cultural and artistic activities by strengthening the cultural and artistic capacity of the citizens through arts club activities
    • Enhancement of participants' cultural capacity and promotion of growth as a leading of local culture through support for arts club activities
    • Planning and operation of support projects for artistic club activities in a variety of ways to suit regional cultural resources and environment
    • Support on demander (participants in clubs) rather than suppliers (performing organizations)
    Basis for propulsion
    • Regional Culture Promotion Act
      - Article 7 (Living Culture Support)
    • Support for Arts and Culture Education Act
      - Article 5-2 (Responsibilities of the State and Local Governments), Article 21 (Support for Social Culture and Arts Education) and Article 23 (Support for Local Social Culture and Arts Activities and Events)
    • (National Task) 67. A life-cultural era where you can enjoy culture in your area and daily life
      - 67-2. Creating a neighborhood life culture environment vitalization club activities