Support on Local Culture and Arts Creation

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  • Support on Local Culture and Arts Creation

    Gyeongbuk Arts & Cultural Foundation seeks to support on creation of art works with themes of local culture and historical background to contribute on practical development of local culture and arts.

    Business Period Business Period
    March 2021 ~ December 2021
    Targets Targets
    An professional art organization that creates and performs activities based on the historical and cultural background of the Gyeongbuk
    Business Expense Business Expense
    400 million won (Provincial Expenditure : 200 million won)
    cale of Support cale of Support
    20~30 million won per organization
    Support Details Support Details
    Direct expenses required for creation and performance
    (labor expenses, public relations expenses, performance hall rental expenses, etc.)
    ※ We Support to creation(materials) and performance expenses if you invite artists
    Qualifications Qualifications
    Art organizations that have been active in Gyeongbuk for more than 2 years
    (exception, groups located in Ulleung-gun are recognized even if the location is less than 2 years)
    ※ Individuals cannot apply this project