Support on Residency Program

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  • Support on Residency Program

    Gyeongbuk Arts & Cultural Foundation seeks to support stable creative activity of cultural artists in local residency facilities and contribute on revitalizing the local culture and arts.

    Business Period Business Period
    March 2021 ~ December 2021
    Targets Targets
    Specialized arts institute/organization involved in overall culture and arts fields including visual arts, literature, performance arts (music, dance, play, traditional art), interdisciplinary art with residency facilities (Space for accommodations and creative activities)
    Business Expense Business Expense
    200 million won (Provincial Expenditure : 200 million won)
    Scale of Support Scale of Support
    20~30 million won per organization
    Support Details Support Details
    Board and lodging fee for artists in residence, creative activity fee, support on fee for holding exhibition/performance for local residents
    Qualifications Qualifications
    Art organizations which have been located in Gyeongbuk at least 2 years or specialized art institute/organization with residency facilities. The organizations/institute must have culture and arts activity performance over at least once a year.
    • The location for serial number certificate or business registration certificate should be registered as Gyeongbuk.
    • Residency means that artists live and create creativ activities for a certain period of time.
    • Residency facilities may be rented.
    • - Duplicative support is not available.