Hanbok Advancement Center

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  • Hanbok Advancement Center

    Hanbok Advancement Center is the mecca with prides of spirits of national clothing, Hanbok!
    Centering on Gyeongbuk’s Textile Industry Belt, Hanbok Advancement Center serves a pivotal role in leading the promotion of Hanbok culture.
    Find Hanbok Advancement Center
    In Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do!
    Located at Sangju, the home of rice, silkworm, and
    dried persimmon, Hanbok Advancement Center researches on
    materials for Hanbok and inherits the Hanbok making techniques.
    Hanbok Advancement Center also promises to play a pivotal role in
    promoting the Hanbok culture by centering on
    Gyeongbuk’s Textile Industry Belt.
    Hanbok Starts from Silk and Silk Starts from Sangju
    • The best and biggest silk production place in Korea
    • Place of the best silk master in Gyeongsangbuk-do
    • Transportation hub accessible within 1 hour in all directions à The best accessibility
    • Traditional village, Korean dish (traditional cooking book), Korean spirit (Korean studies) + Hanbok à Completion of network
    • Peak of traditional textile culture network industrialization à Construction of digital archive for traditional Asian clothing


    06. 23.
    Signed a consignment contract with Sangju-si
    Appointed 1 operational support division head and 1 business division head


    05. 09.
    Built and installed exhibition facilities (Sangju-si)
    09. 27.
    Completed construction works (Sangju-si)


    03. 30.
    Started construction works (Sangju-si)


    06. 16.
    Acquired approval on the basic design for Hanbok Advancement Center (Sangju-si)
    12. 29.
    Completed a working design (Sangju-si)


    06. 27.
    Held a design contest (Sangju-si)
    12. 06.
    Signed a contract with contest winning design (Sangju-si)


    05. 10
    Completed assessment on local finance investment and loan


    02. 13
    Established a basic plan for Hanbok Advancement Center (Sangju-si)
    12. 29
    Enacted ‘Ordinance on Gyeongsangbuk-do Hanbok Wearing Culture Promotion’

    Hanbok Advancement Center